US 24, 250 and 322 in Ohio

US 24 in Ohio

US 24
Get started Antwerp
End Toledo
Length 85 mi
Length 137 km
Indiana → Fort Wayne






2×2 ground floor

Napoleon West

Napoleon North

Napoleon East

→ Bowling Green

Liberty Center

Grand Rapids



Falling Timbers

→ Toledo Bypass



Michigan state line → Monroe

According to toppharmacyschools, US 24 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route through the northwest of the state, from the Indiana border at Antwerp through the city of Toledo to the Michigan border. The road is 137 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The US 24 near Antwerp.

US 24 in Indiana comes from the city of Fort Wayne and has subsequently been developed over a distance of more than 100 kilometers as a 2×2 divided highway, parts of which are full freeway and parts still have level intersections. US 24 parallels the Maumee River in a northeasterly direction, bypassing small towns like Defiance and Napoleon. In Maumee a cloverleaf follows with Interstate 475.

US 24 then forms an urban arterial through Maumee and then the urban area of ​​Toledo. US 24 does not run through downtown Toledo, but through the western and northern neighborhoods. In Toledo, US 24 crosses Interstate 75 twice. US 24 is largely a narrow four-lane road through Toledo. To the north of Toledo follows the border with Michigan, then US 24 in Michigan continues to Monroe and Detroit.


US 24 has been running through the state of Ohio since its creation in 1926. The road follows the historic route along the Maumee River. Defiance’s grade separated bypass was the first high-value section of US 24 and opened to traffic about 1964. The Napoleon freeway bypass opened to traffic circa 1969, presumably at the same time as the new 2×2 route between Defiance and Napoleon. However, this new route is not a freeway.

Around 1978, a short stretch of freeway opened between Waterville and I-475 at Maumee. It wasn’t until the 21st century that the remaining portions of US 24 were upgraded. Circa 2008, the highway opened between the Indiana and Defiance border. On August 29, 2012, the highway section from Napoleon to Waterville opened to traffic. This provided the entire US 24 west of Toledo with 2×2 lanes, largely as a freeway.

US 250 in Ohio

US 250
Get started sandusky
End wheeling
Length 162 mi
Length 260 km


Green wich




Strasburg – New Philadelphia:


New Philadelphia







West Virginia

US 250 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route in a southeasterly direction through the northeast of the state. The road begins in Sandusky on Lake Erie and then continues through Wooster and New Philadelphia to the West Virginia border at Wheeling. The route is 260 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The US 250 starts in Sandusky on US 6. Sandusky is located on Lake Erie. US 250 then heads southeast for 15 miles to Norwalk. This 4-lane section intersects two highways, State Route 2, which forms the Sandusky bypass, and the Ohio Turnpike a little further south. US 250 then passes through downtown Norwalk and crosses US 20 south of this site.

From Norwalk, US 250 heads in a straight line to the southeast for 28 miles, across a countryside of scattered forest. One then reaches Ashland, where US 250 forms a bypass together with US 42. Almost immediately afterwards there is a connection to Interstate 71. The road then leads east for more than 20 kilometers to Wooster and together with US 30 forms a short freeway bypass of Wooster.

After Wooster, the US 250 runs as a single-lane road more than 40 kilometers southeast to Interstate 77 at Strasburg. US 250 first merges with I-77 to New Philadelphia and then forms a freeway for 15 kilometers to Uhrichsville, where US 36 ends at US 250. Then US 250 continues for another 70 kilometers through the wooded hills to the Ohio River valley. The main place on this part of the route is Cadiz, where it crosses US 22. US 250 then, along with Interstate 70, crosses the Ohio River, which forms the border with West Virginia. US 250 in West Virginia then heads south through Wheeling to Moundsville.


US 250 was added to the network in 1928. The road then began in Norwalk, but was extended a short distance north to US 6 in Sandusky in 1935.

In 1966, New Philadelphia’s freeway bypass opened onto I-77. Around 1968-1969, this was extended to Uhrichsville, including the Uhrichsville bypass. In about 1967 the freeway bypass of Wooster, over which US 30 also runs, opened. The Ashland bypass opened in the late 1980s, but not as a freeway. Around 2003, the section between Sandusky and the Ohio Turnpike was widened from 2 to 5 lanes with a center turn lane.

US 322 in Ohio

US 322
Get started Cleveland
End Simons
Length 62 mi
Length 100 km

Mayfield Heights


US 322 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route through the northeast of the state, from the Cleveland metropolitan area to the Pennsylvania border. The route runs mostly straight to the east and is 100 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 322 begins in downtown Cleveland at Public Square, where it also intersects US 6 and US 20. US 322 heads east on Chester Avenue, a major 2×3 lane urban arterial. Then US 322 Mayfield Road follows through Cleveland’s eastern suburbs. This route crosses I-90 and I-271. After Mayfield Heights, US 322 heads almost straight east through wooded areas to the Pennsylvania border. US 322 in Pennsylvania then continues to Meadville.


US 322 was created in 1926. The Ohio route has remained unchanged ever since. The route is secondary in nature, there are other east-west highways in the region and, in addition, the road runs parallel to US 6 less than 10 kilometers away, making the added value of US 322 within Ohio of little importance. The four-lane section on the east side of the Cleveland metropolitan area was built in the mid-1940s.

US 322 in Ohio