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Yearbook 2016

Aland. Åland's plans for a large expansion of wind power went unnoticed when the Helsinki government in February withdrew a pledge of approximately half a billion SEK in state aid to the landscape. The project would have given Åland a near 70 per cent supply with wind power compared to just over 20% today.

Helsinki also said no to the province's request for an increase in the so-called lump sum, which is the state's repayment of tax revenue coming from Åland. The two decisions provoked outrage at Åland and deteriorated the relationship between the provincial government and Helsinki.

Åland experienced a historic sporting success in October, when IFK Mariehamn's men's team became Finnish champions in football for the first time in the club's nearly hundred-year history.

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The provincial government came into crisis in October since the dismissed chairman of the board of the Åland ATM Association, Paf, which runs the landscape's legal gaming monopoly. In his role as a local politician, the Chairman had made statements against the reception of refugees in his municipality, which the provincial government considered disturbed Paf's brand. The opposition accused the government of violating the constitution and over-freedom of opinion. In November, the Center, Unbound Collection and the future of Åland aroused distrust in the Lagting against the head of government, Liberal Land Council Katrin Sjögren. However, the disbelief fell by 17 votes to 12.

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