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Antigua and Barbuda

Yearbook 2016

Antigua and Barbuda. In July, Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that the government, in collaboration with Mexico, will make a major investment in new housing construction for residents of two poor and overcrowded residential areas in the capital Saint John's in Antigua. With the help of a Mexican grant of US $ 5 million, the government will have to build a larger number of two-family homes in concrete, adapted for families with really low incomes. In addition, infrastructure such as water and electricity will be drawn into the newly built residential area. Gaston Browne emphasized that the project, in addition to new and better housing, would also bring jobs for young people in the area.

2016 Antigua and Barbuda

In September, Prime Minister Browne warned in a speech to the UN General Assembly that the global campaign against money laundering and terrorist financing threatens to hit the Caribbean economies severely when major banks close collateral agreements with banks in the Caribbean. According to countryaah, the current population of Antigua and Barbuda is 97,940. The phenomenon risks becoming as much a threat to the development of the region as the climate change and the heavy debt burden that many of the countries still face.

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