How to Get to Antigua and Barbuda

Until recently, there were two airports in the country: the international V.K. Bird, 6 km from St. John’s, and a small one in Codrington, which receives domestic flights. Now only the first one is working, the second one was destroyed by the same hurricane.  According to petwithsupplies, St. John’s is one of the largest cities in Antigua and Barbuda.

There are no direct flights from Russia to Antigua, you can fly from Moscow with 1-2 transfers. The cheapest way to get there is with Aeroflot and Jet Blue: tickets from Sheremetyevo cost from 790 USD round-trip, a flight with a connection in New York lasts from 32 hours. Flights that are optimal in terms of price and speed are organized by British Airways: from 990 USD in both directions, from 16.5 hours via London with a departure from Domodedovo.

Each passenger leaving Antigua and Barbuda by air must pay an airport tax of 30 USD.

The only public transport that stops near the airport is minibus number 42, which runs between the West End and American University. The fare is 2.70 XCD, tickets are sold from the driver. You can get to other points of the island by taxi: from the airport to the center of St. John’s, you will get a house for 30-35 XCD, a transfer to large hotels is at fixed rates.


By minibuses (about 10 routes in total) you can get from the capital to Falmouth, English Harbour, the West End and other points of the island, it is quite convenient and cheap (2.70 XCD per trip), the journey takes no more than half an hour. There is no public transport in Dickenson Bay and other northern locations.

There are even fewer buses to Antigua on Sundays than on weekdays.

Ferries deliver to Barbuda (off. site in English), a round trip costs 220 XCD, departure 1-2 times a day from St. John ‘s harbor. Taxis run around Antigua, and trips between the main points are paid at fixed rates. Taxi drivers are qualified guides for fact-finding tours – it is quite possible to combine business with pleasure.

Car rental in Antigua and Barbuda

There are about a dozen car rental agencies in Antigua, both local and international level Avis and Hertz, most of them have offices at the airport. To rent a car, you need a national or international driver’s license, a credit card, and a local driving permit issued by the rental office (you need to show your license and pay 55 XCD to purchase it).

International car rental companies have more guarantees, but the prices are much higher: renting a compact car costs from 200 XCD per day, a standard model – from 235 XCD, an SUV – from 275 XCD, while for local ones – from 70 XCD, 100 XCD and 160 XCD, respectively.. The cost of gasoline is 3.50 XCD per 1 liter.

Most of the roads in Barbuda have been destroyed by Irma, some sections have already been restored, but the repair work is still in full swing.

Traffic is left-handed, there are few gas stations, roads – even those that are not touched by a hurricane – are uneven, winding, dotted with potholes. The quality of the main highways is acceptable, but there are not always road signs. Traffic jams are rare, traffic jams happen only at the main attractions. It is better to leave the car in paid parking lots, the cost is about 10 XCD per hour.

Antigua and Barbuda Hotels

Hotels in Antigua and Barbuda are similar to their “colleagues” in other Caribbean countries (with the exception of Cuba and the Dominican Republic). There are no large hotels in Antigua, most are designed for about 200 rooms and work on an all-inclusive basis.

The hotel fund needs to be updated, but still things are better here than in Barbuda, where there were simply no hotels left after the hurricane. Now they are being rebuilt, and the guests are insured against bad weather: if the vacation has to be interrupted due to cataclysms, the cost of living on “unused” days is guaranteed to be returned.

The mains voltage is 110 or 220 V (you need to check directly with the hotel), American-style adapters are required.

There are no hostels in the country, the cheapest way to stay is in guest houses: a double room in St. John’s costs from 100 XCD per day. Double studio room in a 3 * hotel – from 160 XCD per night, apartments – from 190 XCD. Lovers of luxury are waiting for suites by the sea with pools, restaurants and other pleasures, the cost of pleasure is 1350-4000 XCD per day.

Antigua and Barbuda Hotels