Yearbook 2016

Benin. In March, according to thereligionfaqs, Benin residents went to election to appoint a successor to President Thomas Boni Yayi who could not be re-elected after two terms. In the first round, there were 33 candidates, including Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, supported by Yayi.

However, Zinsou was clearly defeated by businessman Patrice Talon in the second round on March 20. Talon received 65% of the vote and had the backing of several candidates in the first round. Talon, who had great interests in the cotton industry, had returned in October 2015 after several years in exile, accused of participating in a plot against Yayi.

When he took office in April, Talon appointed a smaller government with 16 ministers compared to the representative’s 28.

Benin Population 2016

According to countryaah, the current population of Benin is 12,123,211. Talon says he wants to work for constitutional changes that would, among other things, limit the president’s term of office to a five-year term of office to counteract “self-satisfaction”. The government’s challenges are to combat corruption and boost cotton production, which accounts for about 12% of GDP and a quarter of exports. In June, the cotton industry was privatized after several years of state control.