Yearbook 2016

Jamaica. In January, Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller announced parliamentary elections for the following month.

According to countryaah, the current population of Jamaica is 2,961,178. The election, which attracted only 48% of voters, became extremely smooth. The Millers People’s National Party (FNP) received 49.7% of the vote, resulting in 31 seats in parliament and thus a change of government. The right-wing Jamaica Labor Party (JLP), which received 50.3% of the vote, was granted 32 seats. JLP’s party leader Andrew Holness, who was prime minister for just over two months 2011-12, re-entered as head of government in early March.

Jamaica Population 2016

In September, it was announced that the country’s national health fund was commissioned to develop a national health insurance system that can finance the public health care sector. The fund’s chairman, Christopher Zacca, said the process was expected to take up to two years.

According to thereligionfaqs, Jamaican sprinter runner Usain Bolt became historic at the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. Bolt became the first to win the 100m, 200m and 4 × 100 branches in three Olympic games through the ages.

On March 30, 2006, Portia Simpson Miller of the PNP was elected as the country’s first female prime minister. She replaced Patterson, who got 14 years in the post. Shortly thereafter, Labor Party leader Bruce Golding made a series of proposals to strengthen human rights, improve the country’s economy and implement a constitutional reform.

In its 2006 annual report, Amnesty International placed Jamaica as one of the countries where the police use disproportionate force in its fight against crime and public disorder, and as one of the countries where there are a large number of human rights violations.

Miller printed in July a general election. The election was won by the Labor Party, and on September 11, its leader, Bruce Golding, was inaugurated as new prime minister.

Golding is homophobic. In an interview with the BBC in May 2008, he stated that a gay man would not have a seat in a government under him.

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In May 2010, violent riots occurred in Kingston after the government decided to expel alleged drug dealer Christopher “Dudus” Coke for prosecution in the United States. Supporters of Coke attacked police stations in the capital and Prime Minister Golding put the country in emergency mode, giving police powers to conduct house searches without a court order, detain suspects and restrict the people’s freedom of movement. Somewhere between 44 and 60 people were killed during the state of emergency – including 3 police officers. The police in Jamaica are exceptionally shooting mad and kill hundreds every year – in 2009 alone 253. By comparison, Danish police kill an average of 2 a year.

The ruling party JLP suffered a staggering defeat in December 2011, when it went back 11 seats to 21. The PNP, in turn, went ahead with 14 seats and gained 42 (out of Parliament’s 63). New Prime Minister therefore became PNP’s Portia Simpson-Miller, inaugurated in January 2012. Simpson-Miller advocates full independence from the UK. Thus, the transformation of Jamaica into a republic without constitutional relations with Britain. However, an amendment that was not implemented before the country’s 50th anniversary as an independent country in August 2012. Simpson-Miller has further declared itself a supporter of full rights to gays, including the right to marry and seek public office.