Regions and Resorts of the United States

The USA is a patchwork of 50 states and the standalone District of Columbia, where the capital Washington is based. It has little in common with other American cities: it is pompous, monumental, neat to the point of pedantry, all the legendary symbols of democracy are located here – from the White House to the Capitol. In addition, there are many well-groomed parks and squares, famous museums and monuments. It is better to stay on Capitol Hill or in Georgetown – a cozy area reminiscent of England.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of United States is 331.9 million (2021).

In Washington, it is forbidden to build buildings higher than the Capitol, so there are no skyscrapers to be found here.

California is a paradise for everyone who cannot imagine life without pleasure. The sun-drenched state, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, beckons with an atmosphere of carefree relaxation and endless celebration. It is here that Los Angeles is located, which has fulfilled so many dreams and broken so many hearts. San Francisco is a city of madmen: freelance artists, hippies, freaks – all those who are used to expressing themselves outside the box. San Diego has top-notch beaches and is within easy reach of Mexico. And in Yosemite National Park – more than 1000 km of scenic routes and the highest waterfall in North America.

Only Florida, washed by the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, can compete with California for the title of beach Mecca. Party people of all stripes go to Miami, eternal children dream of plunging into the worlds of Walt Disney, Harry Potter and Universal Studios to Orlando.

Texas is what it’s made out to be: with cowboy ranches, farmland, roadside barbecues and burgers. Austin has a university that has grown into a whole district with galleries, libraries and art objects, Houston is famous for the Theater and Museum Quarters.

The cities of Nevada are strange oases in the middle of a vast desert. The most famous is Las Vegas, another symbol of the unsteady American dream. A string of casinos trying to outdo each other in ostentatious luxury, pretentious restaurants, hotels and shops, and in the neighborhood – almost impoverished quarters, screened from tourists by the facades of skyscrapers.

The opposite of Vegas is Death Valley, which is alien to kitsch and fuss, with cracked earth and sand dunes that look truly alien.

The United States is unimaginable without New York – ultra-modern, ultra-fast, symbolizing success. Without business Chicago and hospitable Hawaii, the majestic Grand Canyon and seething Niagara. You can spend half your life getting to know American cities without completely unraveling all the secrets of a huge country.

The territory of the United States is located in 6 time zones (from UTC−10 to UTC−5). The time zone is UTC-10 – Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard Time. Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands are located here. UTC-9 is Alaska (Alaska Standard Time). The states of Washington and California are located in the North American Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8). Mountain time (UTC-7) is used by Colorado, Arizona, and Montana. Central American Time (UTC-6) is represented by the states of Louisiana and Oklahoma. And in the UTC-5 zone (North American Eastern Time) are located New York, New Jersey and, of course, the capital of the United States.

In addition, a number of single islands and territories outside the states form another 5 time zones. In particular, these are the UTC-12 (Baker and Howland Islands), UTC-11 (American Samoa), UTC-4 (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) and UTC+12 (Wake Island) belts.

Most of the country has Daylight Savings Time.

The time difference with Moscow can be from 8 to 14 hours. The Atlantic coast (New York, Washington, Miami) is 8 hours behind in summer and 9 hours in winter; the states of Alabama, Texas, Tennessee and others (including New Orleans) by 9 and 10, respectively; the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Montana by 10 and 11; the states of California, Nevada, Washington (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle) by 11 in summer and 12 in winter; Alaska at 12 and 13 hours, Hawaiian Islands – at 13 hours in summer and 14 hours in winter.


It is impossible to draw a general portrait of the US climate: each region has its own characteristics. In the northeast – in New York, Chicago, Washington – hot summers and snowy winters, precipitation occurs at any time of the year. The southeast (Orlando, San Antonio) is characterized by higher temperatures. The northwest and west with Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles are dominated by a semi-arid and highland climate. On the coast, winters are milder, summers are warmer, and rains are more frequent.

Florida and Hawaii are real tropics with year-round heat. Alaska goes to the other extreme: local temperatures can hit the mark of -30 ° C. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of season (and suitable wardrobe) for travel, it is better to check the weather forecast in a particular region.

USA in winter

Skiing and beaches – that’s why people usually go to the States in winter. Having rolled enough on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains in pompous Aspen, you can give up on the cleanest beaches of Hawaii, which have been proudly bearing the title of “da best in da world” for more than a decade – and all this within one country (and, accordingly, one visa). And although it is still not easy to get it, and tours cost an exorbitant amount, there are no fewer aspirants in the United States. According to them, there are several reasons for this at once: the snow in America is special, and the Hawaiian sand is special, and in general, the air itself is special. We will not dispute this, but we will add from ourselves that a trip to the States is also an opportunity to fly on a board along the crest of a wave in the homeland of surfing, master dozens of ways to cook barbecue and break your vocal cords in one of the huge theme parks on the coolest rollercoasters.

There is one main reason why a fair number of compatriots send their ski-booted feet to the USA every winter. And this reason is not at all a huge selection of well-prepared tracks and not even the special sensations from the “American” snow that many people note. Everything is much simpler: every skier in the depths of his soul dreams of meeting Bruce Willis on the slope – and not just meeting him, but killing him on the track. But seriously, US ski resorts are chosen mainly by those tourists who have already visited many routes in Europe and are now looking for new sensations. In addition, many combine skiing with a rich “excursion”.

Resorts of the United States