The history of the Greek island of Rhodes goes back roughly to the year around 5,000 BC. In the 3rd century BC, alongside Alexandria and Pergamon, Rhodes was an important grain transhipment point and an important cultural center. Rhodes has belonged to it since 1947Greece.

Rhodes City is located in the north, more precisely on the extreme northern tip of the island. It is an interesting metropolis that many ancient ruins and palaces of knights can show. A certain oriental magic emanates from this city, in which medieval and Ottoman architecture mix in a special way. An example of great and tremendous art is the Grand Master’s Palace, which can have a main portal with two towers.

Lindos is located in the east of Rhodes and with its blue beeches and white houses is known and much visited as a true picture book place. A truly beautiful setting can be found in the Acropolis in Lindos, but you should be there very early to avoid the onslaught of visitors.

You can find beautiful beaches in Faliraki, a popular holiday center on the east coast, in Anthony Quinn Bay, a rocky bay also on the east coast with a great landscape, in Prassonisi, which is in the south of Rhodes and due to the conditions ideally suited for surfers, or in Tsamibka Beach, which has a great dune beach also in the east of the island.

Iera Moni Panagias Tsambikas Kyras, a summit and small Marienkirche, offers an absolute dream view over the east coast with its fine sandy beach. It is still an important pilgrimage destination and is 300 meters above sea level.

The west of Rhodes Due to its varied landscape, it is particularly suitable for bathing fun, archaeological discoveries and a variety of hikes. You can also taste and, of course, buy delicious island wine here, the best place for this is probably Embonas. With Ataviros also is highest mountain of Rhodes in the West. It has a height of 1,205 meters, but you should not underestimate a hike at over 800 meters. Kastro Monolithos

offers an incredible panorama of the neighboring islands and the west coast. It is located in the west of Rhodes on a summit plateau about 240 meters above sea level with ruins of a castle and a small church. Every year there is a summer festival in Rhodes Town organized in which a variety of different plays or concerts take place and in the summer months the city offers a turbulent nightlife for revelers.

The range of sports on the Greek island of Rhodes is diverse. In addition to some water sports (surfing, diving, sailing or fishing), you can go hiking, play golf or go on bike tours.

Rhodes in Greece