Yearbook 2016

Nauru. According to countryaah, the current population of Nauru is 10,835. News reporting during the year was customarily dominated by the refugee camps set up by Australia in Nauru. In January, a report came out showing that the time spent by refugees in the camp increased and averaged nearly 450 days.

Nauru Population 2016

In April, an Iranian man set fire to himself before the eyes of UNHCR officials visiting the camp. Less than a week later, a woman from Somalia carried out a similar protest action. In October, Australia received criticism from both the UN and Amnesty International. In particular, the UN highlighted the children’s vulnerable situation in the refugee repository and the inability of both countries to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against minors.

In May, a number of new laws were added. Among other things, the penalty for sexual offenses was sharpened while rape within the marriage was punishable. The death penalty was abolished and homosexuality decriminalized. The new laws replaced a statute from 1899.

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According to thereligionfaqs, new elections in Nauru were announced in early July after a period of political turbulence. Earlier in the summer, Parliament closed three opposition politicians at the request of the government. The banned parliamentarians were accused of damaging the country’s reputation by criticizing the government’s policy towards foreign journalists. The tone between government and opposition became fierce during the election movement.

However, the election itself got approved by election observers and ended with the re-election of 13 out of 19 members. Among those who gained renewed confidence were Baron Waqa, who was re-elected by Parliament two days after the election for a new term as President.