Symi Travel Guide

In Symi, you can spend your holiday on the beach or hiking in nature. Rhodes ’neighboring island of Symi offers a wonderful setting for a relaxing holiday under the Greek sun. In the town of Symi, the tourist will find a Greek village atmosphere and lively harbor life. The surrounding island delights with small beaches, hiking trails and monasteries.


Picturesque scenery and an authentic Greek atmosphere

The Greek island of Symi is located close to Rhodes and the Turkish coast. The small island is only 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. Today, the island is home to a few thousand permanent residents.

The town of Symi is located in the northern part of the island. Symi is known for its magnificent harbor, where colorful houses rise up along the slopes of the hills rising near the beach. The town of Symi is divided into two parts, the port area of ​​Gialos and the sloping village of Chorio.

Gialos is busier than the city areas and has more restaurants and bars. In Chorio you can experience an authentic Greek atmosphere by sitting on the edge of the main square enjoying a coffee. Chorio can be reached via Kali strata, which is connected to the village’s port area by about 500 steps.

Pedi is a small seaside village a few kilometers from the town of Sym. The village offers accommodation and a few restaurants. From Pedi’s promenade you can reach different parts of the island by boat.

The island of Symi has picturesque scenery

The island of Symi has picturesque scenery.

Summer pampers the heat

Symi has the hottest in July and August, when temperatures rise to as much as 30 degrees during the day. During the summer months, holidaymakers on the island are pampered in the sunshine and there is no fear of rain. If you don’t enjoy the heat, Symille should travel in the spring in May or fall, when the weather is a little cooler but not cold.

Symi is mainly a summer destination. During the winter months, temperatures on the island are cooler and there is more rain. When traveling to the island, it is worth noting that strong winds can sometimes cause changes in water transport, for example.

Relaxation on the beach and in nature

Despite its small size, the town and island of Symi offer tourists a variety of holiday opportunities. Symi is especially suitable for relaxing and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. The main attraction of the island is its wonderful nature, so there is no need to spend your holiday running from one attraction to another.

Symi Island has numerous beaches where you can find a suitable option for everyone. The island has mainly pebble beaches. The water on the beaches is clear and the sea water is warm for swimming even from May to December. Some beaches do not have access by land, but must be reached by sea.

The island is also well suited for active holidays. There are several different hiking trails on the mountainous island. Hiking can take trips to more remote beaches or visit the island’s beautiful churches and monasteries. The wooded landscapes of the interior of the island can be explored by bike, for example.

At Symi, the traveler can enjoy good food. The town of Symi and a few other places around the island have taverns and restaurants serving traditional Greek dishes. The island’s restaurants list a great variety of fish and seafood. The restaurants can be found to suit every budget. It is worth reserving cash for Sym, as in the smallest shops and restaurants the credit card is not accepted as a method of payment.



Symi’s colorful harbor is one of the most famous areas of the island.

Ship to the destination

Symi does not have its own airport. The easiest way to get to the island is by flying to Rhodes, which has a boat connection to Sym. In the summer months, you can get to Rhodes on direct Finnair or Norwegian flights. At other times, Rhodes can be reached on a connecting flight via various European cities.

The boat ride from Rhodes to Sym takes about 1-1.5 hours. Especially during the busiest season, ie in summer and on public holidays, it is worth booking boat trips in advance. Sym can also be reached by boat from other Greek islands and Turkey. A visit to Sym can be combined with a holiday at these destinations.

Accommodation in Sym

Sym can be accommodated in small hotels or apartments for rent. Most of the accommodation is located in the town of Symi in either Gialos or Chorio. There are also a few accommodation options in the seaside village of Pedi.

Getting around with Symi

The town of Symi can be easily reached on foot, as the distances are not great. However, there are elevation differences in the city that can make it difficult to navigate. There are buses on the island to explore different parts of the island. You can move around the island on your own by renting a car, scooter or bike. There are also water taxis on the island, which take you to beaches that have no access by land, for example.



The monastery of the Archangel Michael can be visited, for example, by boat from the port of Symi.

Port of Symi

Symi Harbor is one of the highlights of the island and a familiar image of the island. Representing neoclassical architecture, the island’s typical houses spread out on the slopes right next to the harbor. During the day, the harbor area is bustling and full of ships and people. There are restaurants and bars on the harbor promenade, on which the island’s nightlife is mainly concentrated.

Monastery of the Archangel Michael

The most famous monastery on the island of Symi is the Monastery of the Archangel Michael, located in the southern part of the island in Panormitis. Construction of the Orthodox monastery began in the 18th century. The main attraction of the monastery is the icon of the archangel Michael. The Panormitis can be reached by bus or boat from Symi Harbor.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is located in Gialos and presents the history of Sym and local shipping. The museum also tells about the sponge diving, which used to be one of the most important livelihoods on the island.

Historic winemaking sites

During the Byzantine Empire, Symi made wine and the island had about 120 stone-built wine presses used in the production. Later, wine production on the island ceased and the places of production fell into oblivion. Some of the old wine presses have been refurbished recently and can be visited, for example, in connection with hiking trips.



Symi’s colorful houses differ from Perikreek architecture.

The best beaches

  1. Agios Nikolaos
  2. Agios Georgios
  3. Marathon
  4. Nos
  5. Nanou

The best experiences

  1. Day trip to the beach
  2. Dinner at a local tavern
  3. Passing Kali strata from Gialos to Chorio
  4. Visit to the monastery of Archangel Michael
  5. Exploring the interior of the island by hiking or biking